18 December 2009

New Chapter

Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk and it's successor, beunequaled.com both ceased to exist quite a while ago now.

Be Unequaled will return in a completely different form, as I work on new projects like receeve.it and nike+php and concentrate on some freelance work.

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17 May 2007


Ok, so I stopped updating this 'blog' back in October '06, but it's time a for a quick revival!

After a great time at Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk, we've moved to a brand new home: Be Unequaled (http://www.beunequaled.com)

A better forum, a better website and more input from you adds up to one hell of a place to spend your time! :)

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10 October 2006

The end is here!

This blog was somewhat of a test, to see how much easier my life would be with a free, open source solution to posting news and items of interest.

I have mixes feelings with the outcome: one one hand, it was easy and automated, on the other, i couldn't be bothered to do it regularly, or twice, since most stuff was also posted on Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk

I also wanted to see if many people read this 'blog'! Well, this blog will remain here, but will no longer be updated. It's time for a change and bit of a clean...

If you're reading this, i'll let you in on a secret: there are some suprises in store for mid-late October!

I won't say what they are just yet, but keep an eye on the site for what I hope will make Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk even better than it already is :D


23 July 2006

Forum 'Sponsors'

As you may have noticed, the Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk Forum now has a 'sponsor'. Karmaloop.com are offering 20% off your first purchase if you use the rep code CA7004 at the checkout!

Using the same code for any purchases after that still get you 10% off!

Keep checking the forum for the latest voucher codes for other incentives and discounts!

Rep Code: CA7004

20 June 2006

Competition 2

Look out for the second Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk competition! Details will be posted up soon along with the prizes that are up for grabs!

01 June 2006

Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk World Cup Fantasy Football

A World Cup Fantasy Football league has been set up for all members of the Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk forum!

The leage has been setup with the Metro newspaper's site which also gives you the chance to win a cash prize!

As an incentive, the highest placed forum member will recieve a promotion Billionaire-Boys-Club.co.uk t-shirt!

Register on the forum to be eligible for the prize and then sign up at: http://fantasyfootball.metro.co.uk/ and choose your team!

Once you've chosen your team, choose the 'Leagues' option from the right and enter the code: 43381-7930

16 May 2006

Back Online after 403 Error

Unfortunately, the main site experienced some downtime at the beginning of the week.

It was a problem with the hosts I use so it was completely out of my control! Thankfully they were able to get everything back online within a few hours and everything is back to normal!